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24th March 2020

Dear Industry Colleagues and Stakeholders,

We would like to take the opportunity to provide an advisory note to our industry colleagues and stakeholders following the most recent guidance from the Government surrounding Coronavirus.

WW Martin office

From Wednesday 25th March, our offices at Dane Park Road will be temporarily closed to staff, with the only exception being 2 persons to maintain deliveries to our yard to prevent cancelled orders and or delays of essential deliveries.

All of our office-based staff will be following the advice to work from home where we will continue to maintain and run all functions of our office operations remotely.

To be clear, all staff will continue to work on current projects and future opportunities. Every member of our team is contactable via email or mobile telephone for staff with mobile details provided on their email signatures. We will also be utilising Microsoft Teams or similar software for video and telephone conference calls and will continue to provide project team meetings using these platforms.

We, like many businesses recognise this is not an ideal scenario but have the very best intentions to continue to provide an un-interrupted service to our work.

WW Martin construction sites

The most recent update provided Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Governments on Monday 23rd March 2020, has advised that “if you are working on site you can continue to do so” and Michael Gove this morning on Tuesday 24th March, has confirmed that “construction operations may continue as long as social distancing is strictly observed”.

Following this advice, our construction sites currently remain open.

At all times, the safety of anyone working on our sites is of paramount importance and we undertake to ensure the safety of those involved in our construction projects. We have introduced stringent working practices across all of our sites to implement and adhere to the instructions from Public Health England regarding social distancing.

We are continuing to maintain regular communication with our staff, clients, subcontractor partners and material suppliers at all times to fully assess our ability to continue our operations on site.

We acknowledge that our sites remaining open is subject to the ever-changing Government guidance. Our expectation is that further clarity will be provided for many industries, the construction industry included and as such we will be constantly monitoring the advice and instructions from the Government in this respect. We will continue to review the situation and provide further updates in due course.

On behalf of the Directors and everyone at WW Martin, we wish everyone the very best at this challenging time and would like to say thank you to everyone for their understanding and support.

Finally, to close, we emphasise that our team are available should anyone wish to discuss any aspect of works currently in contract with WW Martin or any future opportunities which we would welcome.

Best wishes for and behalf of WW Martin

Mike Darling, Director

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